Tour Dates w/ John Hvezda

John Hvezda & I will be playing a few duo shows before and after Dark Songs. We'll be trading solo sets, and playing a handful of tunes we co-wrote last spring. 

Dark Songs 2016

Looking forward to a week of writing and recording with this talented bunch up in Sturgeon Bay, WI

New Album with John Hvezda

My buddy John and I wrote a tune back in October at the Dark Songs festival in Wisconsin, and decided to take a crack at co-writing an album this year. We've been meeting up a couple times a week to…Read more

Steel Bridge Songfest

  I'll be back in Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin for Steel Bridge next month. One of my new favorite places, and states, and events. As always, there is an incredible cast of songwriters from all over the country. We'll be writing and…Read more